Rotarian values, ornithology and a bicycle.

From the North Cape down to Cape Aghulas.

Welcome to my blog “SAS (Service above self) by Bike”.


I kindly invite you to join me on my journey from the North Cape in Norway all the way down to the Cape of Aghulas in South Africa. Get to know more about the reasons for this most probably not always easy trip and its charity purpose.

Thoughts on this website:


Generally I am a person who will take action first and only once I’ve accomplished something, will then talk about it. However, since the main goal of my trip is to fundraise money for two different African school projects, it is very important to spread the word beforehand. Just like Gary C. K Huang, President Rotary International said: Let us make our fun events also successful.

Throughout my trip, I will regularly upload new pictures and write interesting blogs about my experiences.

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