About us

Alfred (Fredy)

Born on 28 March 1949. After finish highschool I studied to become a veterinarian at the VetSuisse University of Zurich. I graduated my phd in 1977 and started working as an assistant in different practices around Switzerland. Not quite done with my studies, I decided to get an additional master in tropical veterinary at the Royal Dick University of Edinburgh. Due to political uncertainties in Zimbabwe I was unable to accept the offer from the ODA (British Overseas Development Administration) to work in Zimbabwe. My wife and I therefore decided to move back to Switzerland. A couple months later we then started our bicycle trip to Spain to deepen our Spanish knowledge. 10 months later back in Switzerland, we were again waiting for our next offer for an overseas job but as it happens, life turns out differently than what you plan. A former colleague from University asked me whether I would be interested in co-owning and operating a practice in Switzerland. Considering that our first daughter was already on the way, we decided to take up this opportunity and remain in Switzerland. After nearly 32 years working in my own practice and having raised 4 well-educated adults, I decided to retire and leave the practice in the hands of someone else and start my next adventure.    



Born 18 October 1950. After her apprenticeship as a dentist’s assistant, she continued to study to become a translator at the “Dolmetscherschule” in Zurich. Newly wed (1975) she joined me amongst other things on my trips to Edinburgh and the bike trip to Spain. She was fully responsible for raising our 4 children and always assisted us in the veterinary practice. After the children were mostly self-reliant, she even decided to start a second apprenticeship taking care of elderly people and worked in a nursing home for several years.

Astrid will drive Dimitri and myself up to the North Cape and will join me every here and there again.



Dimitri the Greek dog found his way to our family approximately 5 years ago. He was born on a beach in Greece and was gladly taken to Switzerland when he was very young still.

Dimitri will join me on my trip.