Project No. 2: CBSM Kimilili, Kenia

CBSM is a Swiss charity running and building up a Primary and Secondary school for 800 orphans and vulnerable children in the rural village of Kimilili, Kenya. Our aim is to offer the best education possible to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school. We provide meals for the pupils, pay teacher’s salaries, train staff and provide learning materials.


The Board of CBSM Europe consists of three friends Agnes and Astrid Kühne and Alexandra Frick, who, outside of their professional careers, freely give their time and energy to the CBSM school project. 

The Board is supported by a great team of volunteers motivated to help the children of Kimilili get a proper education. We combine our experience, knowledge and contacts for the benefit of the school and the community. 

CBSM Europe is a registered charity organisation in Switzerland under the umbrella of the Rütli Stiftung (Trust). 100% of donations go to the project as administration, marketing and all other costs are covered privately by the board.

CBSM Europe works in close cooperation with a local Kenyan team to ensure that regional knowledge, experiences and traditions are incorporated in our joint project. The local team works for our registered Kenyan sister charity CBSM Kenya. This set up provides donors with a double security that every penny reaches its intended purpose: both the Swiss charity and the Kenyan NGO undergo full audits in each country.

We all work without payment and all costs like administration, marketing and other costs are covered by the board. Therefore, 100% of the donations reach the project.