Rotarian values, ornithology and a bicycle

From the North Cape down to the Cape of Good Hope

Many many years ago, after finishing our studies, my wife and I took an unforgettable bike trip down to Spain. We were travelling simple and came across amazing scenery while meeting the locals. I’m still convinced, that a bike trip is the most beautiful and interesting way to experience a country. Since my retirement had been coming closer and closer, I thought of quite a few crazy routes on our beautiful planet.

Ever since I’ve been a child, I had a great interest in ornithology. I have travelled to quite few countries already just to experience its birds. I have no interest in simply watching as many birds in as many countries as possible just to create a long list of birds I’ve seen. No, I want to watch birds in their natural habitat and then be able to identify them. Bird watching is a way of meditation for me. Additionally I would love to join and watch the different birds on their migration from Europe to Africa.


Last but not least I’m also taking this trip for charity purposes. As a member of the Rotary Club Zurich-Dietikon I travelled to South Africa together with my mother. We visited two schools which were supported by the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope and financial support from the Rotary Club Zurich-Dietikon. Thanks to those visits, I’m a firm believer that education and a structured day can provide a way out of poverty. I have looked for similar projects that I could support with my own sponsoring program and found one currently supported by the Rotary Club Helderberg in South Africa and the project “Kimilili” in Kenia.


The combination of these three hobbies of mine, naturally lead to my bicycle project from the North Cape down to the Cape of Good Hope. Leaving only a small CO2 footprint, combining charity and fun, is my goal for after my retirement.

Since I do not enjoy travelling by myself so much, it was clear that my dog Dimitri will join me on this adventure.

Go, der Karrikaturist, hat meine Reise aus seiner Sichtweise gezeichnet.