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Austria 1         05.Mai 2016 - 10.Mai 2016

from  km 7730 km  to km 7821        total 91 km

There was a empty , inconspicuous building and only the  sign "Republik Oesterreich" gave a hint, that this was the border to Austria.

Some kilometers and many slops further I finally arrived at the beautiful Achensee. From here it was an easy, relaxed riding along the lake shore and at the end a ride through the courtyard of the Hotel Wiesenhof where Hansi Entner welcomed me with a cold beer. Thank you Hansi! For the next four days we stayed at this beautiful place meeting al the friends from the three Rotary Clubs, my wife Astrid and our two daughters Vivianne and Fiona.

On Friday morning I went with Dimitri for a wonderful and interesting walk up the "Zwölferkopf"in the Karvendel mountains. I was rewarded with stunning views over the lake and a wonderful alpine flora. 


On Friday evening a reception in the "Matzen Castle" kicked-off a three-day gathering of the three Rotary friendship clubs. A visit to the "Swarovski Crystal World", a boat trip with the oldest boat company of Austria on the "Achensee" and finaly an amazing brunch on sunday morning at the Wiesenhof Hotel made the Rotary meeting a most memorable occasion.


On Sunday afternoon, we also enjoyed one of those traditions on can still find in the alpine aerea. A group of boys with their "Treichel" (big cow bells) go from house to house to collect some money.

On Monday morning we cycled (I was now accompanied by my daughter Vivianne) to Maurach and the green Inn valley with its stately farms. Of course, a short breack at Friedel Hacker`s Retaurant in the little town of Rattenberg was a must.

From Rattenberg to the campsite in Kufstein it was not very far and on the next day I cycled together with Astrid again to the German Border.