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Bulgaria   1       05.Juli und 06.Juli 2016


from  km 10`111  to  km 10`156 km      total 45km


The first few kilometers I cycled mainly through agriculture land with sunflower and corn fields. But there were everywhere some natural spots with hedges and heaps of stones and that means plenty of space for nature. After some kilometers easy riding, the landscape got very hilly but at the top I got a good downhill to Widin, the first town in Bulgaria.

Widin town scared me. Many dirty and unfriendly people and a lot of begging Gypsis. We decided (from now on, we cycled with Frank , a German cyclist) to ride along the northern shore of the Danube. We supposed that this shore was less hilly and therefore easier to ride. After sleeping on a place for lorry drivers we crossed the big, new bridge over the river to Romania.