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Croatia  20.June - 21.June 2016 and 23.June - 25.June 2016

from km 9375  to  km 9476 total 101 km  and km  9509  to km 9632  total 123 km    224km



I did`t realize during my crude "planing" for the trip, that the Danube also flows in Croatia. Therefore I cycled not directly back to the Danube but rode along the river Drava which also marks the border between Croatia and Hungary. As mentioned already in Hungary here I had also to cross a heavily guarded border.

Riding through open fields and pituresque villages I reached after the already mentioned visite to Hungary the city of Ossijek. A pretty university town on the Drava which here marks no longer the border but flows through this northeastern part of Croatia.

From Ossijek I cycled through an extensive alluvial plane towards Vukovar. A simple venture, if there were not this dam.. headwinds.We had a long search but finally Astrid found a nice place next to a hotel surrounded by wood. Vukovar was indeed on everyone`s lips during the Yugoslav war and it`s really depressing how former compatriots simply slaughtered their neighbour and even patients in hospital and destroyed everything. At first seight, you see only the newly buit parts of Vukovar and the Danube flows quietly and sluggish as ever. Suddenly you find yourself in streets where some shot-up facades are still seen and when you leave the city you`ll see the great memorial of the old water tower.

All these things were still in my mind during my further ride along the Danube to Serbia the former enemy of Croatia. The road was often far away from the shore and it was a heavy up and down. For lunch we got to a Restaurant at the Danube where I wanted to see the Football event between Switzerland and France at the 2016 European Championship. It was there where I met a very nice Iranian who was on his way to Theheran together with his "Rönrad". There are many ways to travel!

From the hotel I rode towards Serbia and got a nice look to the town of Ilok. A few hills up and down and I reached exhausted the Serbian Border.