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Germany  3         10.Mai - 15. Mai 2016

from km 7821 to km 8071         total 250 km



Shortly after the City of Kufstein I crossed the border to Germany for the third time. We stayed more or less on the left bank of the Inn and therefore we rode mostly in Germany. Along the Inn the bike path ran on the embankment and it was an easy ride along the river..



The dam was in full bloom with Orchids.  We also saw an interesting old boat on the bank that shows the use of the waterway on Inn and Danoub. Quickly the day passed and soon we were in Schecken our next overnight stop.



The following day (again with Vivianne) was a very tiring track. It started with the climbing of the hill to the monastery Attel and the subsequent up and down to Wasserburg am Inn



Here in Wasserburg, the river cut a gorge through the rocks, so that the cycle path could not run on the banks, and instead led across hilly terrain. On the way we met yet this grass snake and after the arrival on the simple camping near Mühldorf, little Emma showed us the desperatly needed showers. Even Dimitri enjoyed a little break.




The next day I drove with Vivianne along further castles and monasteries to Bad Füssing. During the last few kilometers we had heavy rains and our mood came to a very low point.





This horrible mood also came becaus the three with the motorhome have choosen a campsitequite far from us? Why could they not pick a closer place. Finally, everything worked out and we met on the Thermal Camping in Bad Füssing. On this site, Dimi and I texperienced the horror of a camping night. After two hours of continuous rain, our tent stood 10 cm deep in the water. The dog bed was soaked with water and Dimitri sat shivering in his bed. he could not lie down or he no longer wanted. Finally he was allowed, for the first time, to sleep in the inner tent next to me. I have sacrificed even my down jacket for him and everyone who knows me, knows what that means. The next day was washing and drying on the timetable and the following night we stayed in a guesthouse. The next section was for cyclists a tough ride. The trail went threo dense woods where the leaves somtims hide even the towers of the churches. We passed also a few castles along the lower riverbanks of the Inn.





As soon as the forest was getting thinner we were already on the outskirts of Passau. In this city, the three rivers get in to a united bed and therefore flowing now as the three-colored Danube to the east. Passau is not only the starting point of many river shipping routes but also an important starting point for many cyclists because Passau - Vienna is a popular section of the Danube Cycle Path.




After a few kilometers along the Danube the Old Customs Building of Obernzell appeared and after a further kilometers we got to the first big flootgate down Passau.




A few kilometers after this system the Danube left Germany and so did I and Dimitri. We crossed the border for the second time to Austria.