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Latvia        28. July - 06. August 2015

 from  km  3`366  to  km  3`809 km               total     443 km

Now I was in Latvia but was still riding along the beach of the Riga bay. Sometimes there were wide reed belts but also sandy beaches with pine forests and sand dunes. A little paradise.

I passed the former residence of the legendary baron of Münchhausen (Minzhauzena), countless neat and somewhat mystical little houses and stately homes with secluded parks.

Now I was already near Riga and this is the leisure coast of Rigan people. My thoughts were, that it would be easy to find accommodation here but most places were owned privately  and I searched in vain for a campsite or hotel. A request at the tourist office gave the disappointing answer that in about 15 km away again a campsite. But it was already late and very rainy. So I asked a passerby for an overnight stay and she said I could stay in her house. It was a former journalist who knew so much about Latvia's history. We had, after a walk on the beach with a dwindling Dimitri and a beautiful sunset, long discussions about the occupation and from her point of view not yet completed "liberation".

The next day was a relaxing ride to Riga where I stayed at the City Camping. The campsite was right on the river where the ferry boats docked.

I had planned to visit Riga the next day and visit the Rotary Club at noon. Early in the morning I went to town and enjoyed nature and architecture. Walking through the old villa quarter with its wooden villas and also quarters with very modern buildings we went over the modern suspension bridge and then along the old river of the Daugava to the city center. Unfortunately the club visit was canceled due to the club's holidays and I again had to enjoy a nice lunch in the old town on my own. With the next few pictures I want to reflect my impressions of this city.

Countless small details and lively street musicians enrich the city of  Riga whereas south of the Daugava you will find a rather futuristic city.

After a cloudless full moon night and a last look at the harbor cranes, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful city of Riga. Again I had to cycle along the lovely pine-lined bay of Riga. To avoid the long coastline we crossed the southwestern part of Latvia towards Liepaja through pine forests and agricultural areas with pretty towns and their typical wooden houses. In contrast to Estonia and despite the richness of agriculture, there are few and less pompous manors. During the occupation the workers of a farm lived mostly in prefabricated housing estates, and only after the end of the occupation the old manor houses were converted into hotels and museums.

Liepaja is a modern city located on the beautiful sandy and amber coast of the Baltic Sea. Modern and older architecture can be found here in a particularly successful combination. Since Riga I enjoyed a cloudless sky and the locals just streamed to the beach after work.

Leaving Liepaja I rode on well-developed bike paths along pine-covered and sand dunes lined endless sandy beaches. And suddenly I was on the border with Lithuania.